A 'Promotional call' is a call where the caller actively 'promotes' or 'advertises' a product or a service. A call is deemed promotional if it contains any promotional content, irrespective of whether the call is made to an existing customer (of the company) or not. Also, Promotional calls can be made only from 9 AM to 9 PM on all days including Sundays.

Here are some examples of a promotional call:

  • A call made by an agent to a prospective customer: "Hello sir! I'm calling from BuyUsOrElse. Can you spare a few minutes of your time to hear about our exciting new product XYZ?"
  • A call made by an agent to an existing customer: "Hi Mr. Kumar, You have been using our product for the past few months and as an esteemed customer we are offering you a discount on our new product ABC."

Exotel does not support promotional calls.


A Transactional Call is a call that contains information sent by a registered company to its employees or agents or to its customers pertaining to services or goods to be delivered to such customers; a Transactional Call is any call, which does not contain promotional content. Companies cannot make Transactional calls to people who are not its customers.

Here are some examples of a transactional call:

  • A call made by a cab aggregator to an existing customer: "Hi Mr. Kumar, You have requested a Tata Indica to pick you up at 5.30 PM from Indira Nagar. Can you let us know if you will have luggage with you? This call is to confirm that your cab will reach your address at 5.15 PM. Thanks."
  • A call made by an online eCommerce company to a customer: "Hi Mr. Rajni, You had written to us to check if your items have been shipped. We'd like to inform you that they have been shipped through Quick-e couriers and the tracking number is sent to you via SMS."

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