An active "promotional" or "advertising" of a good or service is what is referred to as a "promotional call." Whether or not a call is placed to an existing customer (of the business), if it contains any promotional information, it qualifies as a promotional call. Additionally, promotional calls can only be made Monday through Saturday, including Sunday, from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Here are some examples of a promotional call:

  • A call from a representative to a potential client: "Dear Sir, From BuyUsOrElse, this is Kumar. Would you mind giving us a few minutes of your time to tell you about our fascinating new product XYZ?"
  • A representative phoned a current client: "Dear Mr. Kumar: You have been using our product for a while, therefore as a thank you for your patronage, we are giving you a discount on ABC, one of our newest products."

Exotel does not support promotional calls.


Any call that does not contain promotional content is considered a transactional call. A transactional call is any call that comprises information sent by a registered firm to its workers, agents, or customers regarding services or items that will be delivered to those customers. Transactional calls cannot be placed by businesses to individuals who are not current clients.

Here are some examples of a transactional call:

  • A current client received a call from a taxi aggregator: "Dear Mr. Kumar: You have asked for a Tata Indica to pick you up at Indira Nagar at 5.30 PM. Could you please let us know if you will be bringing luggage? To confirm that your cab will arrive at your house at 5.15 PM, please phone the number provided. Thanks."
  • An internet retailer made the following call to a client: "Dear Mr. Rajni: You had written to us to inquire on the status of your packages. We would like to let you know that they have been delivered by Quick-e couriers and that you have received an SMS with the tracking information."

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