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Once you've added the new user ( Admin or User Profile ) to your Exotel account, the user needs to be verified to get activated. Whenever an unverified user logs into their account, they will get a popup that will have all the information they need to verify their number. This annoying popup will disappear immediately after verification! 

In case you missed this, you can go to the Co-workers and groups page and click on "UNVERIFIED" right next to your sip username and you will see this popup again!

Once you click on this popup(, it will take you to the VOIP settings page. Please follow the below instruction to get the username verified:

1. Set a password for your SIP Username 

2. Download the SIP softclient of your choice 

3. Use the credentials for SIP as provided on the settings page 

          a) Username 

          b) Domain name

          c) Proxy name 

4. Register with the softclient using these credentials and passwords set by you. Please ensure to use TLS as a mode of communication 

5. Once the registration is successful, the unverified message will go away and will show the current  status of your SIP device

The details will look something like this.

Please refer to the manual for login instruction via softphone. For details refer FAQs