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1. How can an agent choose to receive calls on SIP Softphone or mobile device?

Agents can select between a SIP softphone or a mobile device in the agent edit settings window.

On clicking on the Setting button, it will open a popup window like shown below 

In this pop-up agent can choose to toggle between Number and SIP and appropriately calls will get routed to the agent chosen device

2. How to identify if my SIP device is registered to the Exotel platform and ready to receive calls?

The agent can verify its registration state on its agent card. Below are the different states of the agent card

  Agent created in Exotel but has not verified its device since creation.
  Agent has verified the device but the SIP device , but the device is not registered to Exotel Platform. 
Agent SIP device is successfully registered to Exotel Platform
  Agent has turned-off its availability status for receiving calls.

3. Can an agent receive calls on both their PSTN and SIP devices?

An agent may have two devices but only one of them will be active at a time to receive a call. The device selection can be changed in the agent edit window. The change will take effect only from the next call.

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