Before you start logging to your softhone to receive calls from Exotel , please visit .

Here you will find the user credentials required to login . Set your VOIP password in this page first and you are all set to login in your softphone 

The page in your Exotel dashboard shall look like this screenshot shown below  

In the above page , you need to click on the "Set Password" link to set the password of your choice for the softphone . Once you set the password , login to your softphone like shown below 

1. For Linphone :- Download the latest VOIP softphone from 

Once you download and install Linphone , follow the below steps 

    a. Click on the preferences option in Linphone 

     b. Go to SIP Accounts Tab 

   c. Click on the Add account button

    d. You will get a menu like shown in the screenshot . Please use  the credentials populated in like shown below 

e. Please update the following parameters in the settings 

       SIP Address :- sip:<VOIP Username>@<Voip Domain Address>

       SIP Server Address :- <sip:<Voip proxy address>;transport=tls>

f. Disable ICE configuration in the settings page. 

g. Click on CONFIRM and then click on OK in the main menu. This will prompt user to enter password like shown below 

Please enter the password as you have set in . Please ensure to skip the User ID option 

h. On successful login to SIP client , you can check in the co-workers page for the right status of your SIP device in exotel platform like shown below 

NOTE :- Please ensure to select TLS as the transport protocol and choose port 443