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Call Queuing is a feature that places your customers in a virtual call queue when all of your agents are occupied on other calls. This feature is not mandatory, as you can choose to offer other alternatives to your customers, such as apologizing and hanging up or ending the call and sending an SMS message stating that all agents are currently occupied and will return the call as soon as possible.

In the Connect applet, it is represented in the following manner:

Type text: just let Robocop speak for you or get it recorded ( Get it recorded  )

Upload WAV or MP3 file:  while their call waits to be connected to your agents. Just upload a .MP3 or .WAV file and choose this option ( Note: The max size of the file should be 2MB )

Record using a Phone: This feature is now disabled. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Choose from your libraryChoose from your Library

Suppose you are attempting to connect to the "Sales" group via the Connect applet, but all of the agents in the group are currently engaged in conversations with other customers, causing the next caller to be placed in a queue. Prior to entering the queue, the caller will hear a message stating, "All of our agents are presently engaged with other customers. Your call is important to us. Please hold the line, and we will connect you to the next available associate." Once the caller has entered the queue, they will hear music for a maximum of five minutes.

During these five minutes, if any of the agents in the "Sales" group complete their conversations, the caller will automatically be removed from the queue and connected with the available agent in a "first in first out" order. It should be noted that if there are no active agents in the "Sales" group or if the agents' device status is "off" or if their phones are unreachable, Exotel will not put the caller in the queue as there may not be an available agent to answer the call.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please use the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or contact us via WhatsApp at 08088919888.