There are a few pre-recorded good sounding audio files that you can play to your callers. These are generic, does not have any reference to your company name, but is very useful to inform customers about simple things like "Please wait while we connect your call" etc.

The following are the default audio files available for everyone to use:


Name of audio
What it says
Closed Hours
Sorry. We are closed right now. Please call us back later.
Thank you for staying on hold Thank you for staying on hold. We will answer your call, Shortly.
Leave a voice message Thank you for calling. Please leave us a voice message after the beep.
All representatives busy Sorry. All our representatives are busy. Please call us back later.
Recorded for training purposes This call maybe recorded for internal training purposes.
Invalid option Sorry. You have entered an invalid option. Please call back again.
All agents busy, please wait All our agents are busy right now. Please wait while we transfer your call to the next available agent
Thanks for Calling. Please wait Thank you for calling us. Please wait while we connect your call.

Then there are also audio recordings that are specific to your account. The three ways in which files find a way to your audio are:

1) Record using a phone or by uploading an audio file.

2) Using our voice over recording service. 

All these private files are available for you to edit, delete & download from your Audio library page in "My accounts":