Short video:

  • Every call whether outbound or inbound is displayed in the inbox (Analogous to E-mail)
  • You can get vital call information like the date, time, duration, type, reference ID associated with each call
  • By clicking on the number you can add the user to the address book by filling in his/her basic information. This will help the system recognize the next time a call is received from this number
  • You can also access the mini CRM where you can assign status like open, closed, or pending to each call and add notes to remember information worth noting
  • For an incoming call, you can assign the call to any user in the group so that he can follow up

For calls received by you as a part of a group (that is, when you connect the call to a group), it will also show up in a separate "group inbox" view. For example, we have a group called "Sales" and hence it shows up like this: