Short video:

  • Every call whether outbound or inbound is displayed in the inbox (Analogous to E-mail).
  • You can get vital call information like the date, time, duration, type, reference ID associated with each call.
  • By clicking on the number you can add the user to the address book by filling in his/her basic information. This will help the system recognize the next time a call is received from this number.
  • You can also access the mini CRM where you can assign status like open, closed, or pending to each call and add notes to remember information worth noting.
  • For an incoming call, you can assign the call to any user in the group so that he can follow up.
  • It contains a search/filter option to filter out calls. We can filter out calls using the parameters like Call time period, Direction, Exophone, Agent, Call Type, etc.
  • It also contains Advanced filter options like Duration condition, App type, App name, Assigned agent, Group, etc.

For calls received by you as a part of a group (that is, when you connect the call to a group), it will also show up in a separate "group inbox" view. For example, we have a group called "Sales" and hence it shows up like this: 

Below are the labels available in the Inbox 

FromString; The phone number that will be called first and displayed on the dashboard as "From"
To"To" is the number from which the second leg of the call is connected.
DirectionThe call will either be an Incoming call or an outgoing call
ExoPhone/FlowIn case of an outgoing call, the ExoPhone used to trigger the call will be displayed, In case of an incoming call, the flow name will be visible. Please note, in case of an API call to connect a number to a call flow, the flow name will be displayed.
TimeThe time when the call occurred
OutcomeBased on scenarios the outcome of the call is decided. The below tables represents the same
RecordingDisplays the recording of the call. only completed calls will have a recording

The outcome of a call

Call was successfulInbound/outboundWhen both the parties, i.e Leg 1 and Leg 2 answered the call and the status for both the legs is completed
No agent/user answeredInboundIn an incoming call scenario when the second leg status is no-answer
No client answeredOutboundIn an outbound call scenario when the Second Leg status is no-answer
Client hung up before connecting to any userInboundIn an inbound call scenario where the call is hung up before it's connects to any agent or the Leg 2 status is N/A
User hung up before connecting to any clientOutboundIn an outbound call scenario where the call is hung up before it's connects to any customer or the Leg 2 status is N/A
Client hung up during the callInboundIn an inbound call scenario where the Leg 2 status is canceled
User hung up during the callOutboundIn an Outbound call scenario where the Leg 2 status is canceled

Advanced filter option