You might have heard from our support team asking for reference IDs when asked for assistance in call and SMS concerns.

A reference ID is a set of unique alphanumeric characters assigned to every call and SMS that happens to your account Please click on the grey color radio button which is on the rightmost side of your inbox.

When you click on the radio button, a slide-in window appears where you can find the reference ID of that call.

To find the reference ID for SMS, please click on the Outbox tab which is on the left-hand side of the panel --> click on any on the SMS status --> a slide-in window will appear as shown in the picture below:

Why do we ask for a reference ID?

A lot of calls happen on our servers and hence it is very difficult to find the correct call without this information. Hence we require your help in this area to resolve the issues at the earliest.

Reference video:

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888.Thank you