The term Downtime or sometimes even referred to as Outage, is used to describe that our services are completely or partially unavailable. There could be several reasons that could cause this. We have classified a few and they are as follows:

Operator related Downtimes: These issues are related to our network operators or downstream providers. During this period, you can expect interruption in incoming or outgoing calls, and sometimes both. Although we have no control over this, our team constantly follows up with the operators to ensure that the services are restored at the earliest.

Unplanned Downtimes: We come across these, when our network operators face issues like fiber cut or any other operator related concerns. These can occur at any point in time due to several reasons and are outside Exotels control. Also, Exotel might not have the exact ETA for these issues as the operator's team will be working on fixing them. RCA/RFO for these outages are dependent on the operators. We will share the RCA/RFO as soon as we get the details from the operator.

Planned maintenance: These are planned activities that the operators keep us informed about and inturn we keep our clients informed. This generally happens during off peak hours, mostly during night hours when the call volumes are low and the impact is less on our customers.

Exotel Specific Downtimes: These are instances where something has stopped working internally at Exotel’s end. Example: The platform is unresponsive or some of the Exotel APIs are not functioning, as they are supposed to, etc.

Unplanned Downtimes: We come across these, when either some internal service that is responsible for the job has either stopped working or the servers did not respond the way they are supposed to due to configuration issues. Normally we will have this fixed within 2 - 4 hours, however in case of a major failure, which is rare, this might take longer. RCA for these downtimes will be shared by us within 72 hrs of the issue being resolved.

Planned maintenance: This is when we are either upgrading our Servers or Data centres. These would be planned in advance and we will keep our customers informed about the same. Also, they would be planned during off peak hours when the impact on our customers will be minimal.