‘Call Transfer’ in our Dashboard allows your agents to transfer the call to another agent.

How does it work?

  • An agent who is active on a call can click on the ‘Transfer’ button to select another agent

  • Only free agents are visible to be selected. If an agent is busy on another call, their name would not appear.

  • The agent needs to disconnect the call once the free agent is selected. The customer will remain on call while the transfer attempt is made to the selected agent.

  • Voila! The transferred agent gets connected.

How to set it up?

  • This feature is available on request. Kindly reach out to your account manager or hello@exotel.com to get it enabled.

  • Once this feature is enabled, follow the configuration steps below

How to configure Exotel’s Transfer feature?

Once, the call transfer feature is enabled for your account, the transfer button will appear. However, to make it work for your incoming calls, follow the steps below to edit the call flows:

  • Go to ‘App Bazaar’ and edit the call flow which you want to enable the transfer capability.

  • Edit the ‘Connect Applet’ exit path of ‘After the call Conversation ends’ and drag the ‘Transfer’ applet.

  • Select the ‘Cold Transfer App’ in the dropdown of the ‘Transfer’ applet. The exact name will be provided by our team but it'll appear something like below:

  • Follow the same method for other call flows or connect applets in your account wherever transfer is required.


  1. What types of call transfers are supported?

    1. Currently, only ‘blind transfer’ (aka ‘cold transfer’) is supported where the agent needs to disconnect the call and the customer gets connected to another agent.

  2.  How many times can a live call be transferred?

    1. Currently, a live call can be transferred between agents up to 25 times.

  3. Can I transfer a call to a group?

    1. Currently, no, but this will be soon available.

  4. Will there be multiple recordings for a transferred call?

    1. With current limitations, only 1 recording would be accessible via Inbox or Reports.

  5. Can I set up a transfer feature using Exotel in my CRM?

    1. Yes, using our flow builder and Connect Applet can be used. Refer to this for more information.

  6. Can I download a report for transferred calls?

    1. You can download normal call reports from our dashboard which would contain information only about the first call. PriceDetails section will contain information about multiple legs.

    2. The agent report, however, will contain the complete information on such calls.

  7. Can I check the transcript of such calls on Dashboard?

    1. Yes, on Inbox you’d be able to view basic information about transferred calls.

  8. Is this available for Outgoing Calls?

    1. Currently, this is not available for outgoing calls.