Short video:

If you are returning numbers to dial via an endpoint in the Connect Applet, you can enable your agents to transfer calls in your CRM/Dashboard. 


All you need to do is:

  1. Create a new call flow with ‘Connect’ applet and your endpoint which will return a number of transferred agents. You can configure this call flow further by adding greeting, pass-thru, etc. depending on how you’d like to handle a transferred call.

  2. Go to ‘App Bazaar’ and edit the call flow which you want to enable the transfer capability.

  3. Edit the ‘Connect Applet’ exit path of ‘After the call Conversation ends’ and drag the ‘Transfer’ applet.

  4. Select the newly created app in Step 1 here. 

  5. Now, if your agent transfers the call in your CRM/Dashboard, the request to your endpoint in the transferred call flow can return the agent's number to dial otherwise hangup. (Agent must disconnect the call first inorder to initiate the transfer applet) 


Kindly reach out to your account manager or if you'd like to build something like this.

If you'd like to use Exotel's built-in Transfer feature, check here