A video reference of the relevant scenario may have been requested from you by our Customer Happiness team during one of your interactions with them. 

  • Calls not landing on Exotel number - You might be wondering why we would ask for it, and while the reasons may vary, the following are some of the typical ones:

    Calls not connecting to the Exotel number are typically an indication of an Incoming Point of Interface (POI) problem between two or more operators, though these issues may not always be easily reproducible from all operators and all locations (or combinations of such cases, thereof). The operator is almost always contacted when we encounter these problems, and we provide them with all the necessary information so they can troubleshoot the problem further and have it sorted as soon as possible. A video simply makes the process go more smoothly and can avoid multiple interactions.

  • Working with DTMF - For example: You may enter only 5 digits via DTMF input, but Exotel transcript may indicate that 7 digits have been captured.

    Given that we (as a supplier of cloud telephony) and the telcos can only act in accordance with what the logs show, they (logs) may not always portray a complete picture that closely approaches what the reality may be on a more granular or ground level.

    When we raise these concerns with the operator, they too follow the logs that contain frequency relating to the 7 digits themselves. However, what goes undocumented is the fact that only 5 digits were initially entered, and there is no other way for us or the operators to know the same. 

These are just a handful of such instances and in no way are the only ones where we may require video documentation of the issue that's being reported.

There have also been times where this request may come across as a way to solicit mere “proof” as opposed to believing when such issues get reported to us. We can assure you that this, in no way, would call into question the credibility of the requester or the issues being presented. This is just to understand the issue further from our end and take into account if there are any variables in play that might produce the outcome which was obtained.

This process simply helps with escalating matters where we believe immediate actions are required, either by the operators or us (on a platform level).

While you are free to decline any such requests and advise our team to explore alternatives, it may take us longer than expected to work with various entities in having some of these resolved.

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888.