Often times when interacting with our Customer Happiness team, they may’ve requested you to provide us with a video reference of the specified scenario.

You may wonder why and while the reasons may be varied, here are some of the common ones for us to make that request -

  • Calls not landing on Exotel number - Typically, this is indicative of an Incoming Point of Interface (POI) issue between two or more operators; however, these may not always be easily replicable from all operators & all locations (or combinations of such cases, thereof). Almost always, we raise these issues with the operator and share all the relevant information with them to debug further and have the issues resolved on priority - a video simply helps with a smoother handover of the issues to them, as that avoids any delay (resulting from identification, verification & reassessment of the problem from the operator’s end) that gets in the way of early resolution

  • Working with DTMF - Given that we (as a Cloud Telephony provider) along with the Telcos can only go as far as what the logs indicate, they (logs) may not always paint the whole picture that resembles closely with what the reality may be on a more granular / ground level.

    Example: You may enter only 5 digits via DTMF input but Exotel transcript may indicate that 7 digits have been captured and when we do raise these issues with the operator, they too comply with the logs that consist of frequency relating to 7 digits itself - what goes without documentation is the reality that only 5 digits were originally entered and there’s no other way for either us or the operators to know the same

These are just a handful of such instances and in no way are the only ones where we may require a video documentation of the issue that's being reported.

There have also been times where this request may come across as a way to solicit mere “proof” as opposed to believing when such issues get reported to us. We can assure you that this, in no way, would call into question the credibility of the requester or the issues being presented.

This process simply helps with escalating matters where we believe immediate actions are required, either by the operators or us (on a platform level).

While you are free to decline any such requests and advise our team to explore alternatives, it may take us longer than expected to work with various entities in having some of these resolved.