Sometimes, you may get to hear one of many error messages while calling in on an ExoPhone. Some of the common ones are -

  • The number you’ve dialed is incorrect or invalid. Please check the number you’ve dialed

  • The number you’ve dialed does not exist. Please check the number you’ve dialed

  • All routes to this number are busy. Please call back after some time

  • All channels are busy. Please call back after some time

  • In some cases, the call may even fail to originate from your device i.e. when you click the dial button, the call may simply disconnect at the very first instance, etc.

These can happen due to multiple reasons, such as -

  • An ongoing point of interface (POI) issue between the end operator (caller) and the ExoPhone’s operator

  • Congestion at either the caller’s or ExoPhone’s operator (i.e. not enough channels/bandwidth available at the Telephony operator end to accommodate calls at that point in time)

  • The issue with Home Location Register (HLR) lookup in the caller's party operator. The HLR system might be congested or throwing up errors while trying to find ExoPhone’s operator/region to route the call to the right switch

  • Switch level issues in diverting the call to ExoPhone

  • The number may have indeed been incorrectly dialed (ex: since most ExoPhones are landline numbers, they’re either to be prefixed with a 0 or a +91, before being dialed upon)

Typically, these are temporary in nature and occur intermittently that go unnoticed most times; however, if these seem to be persistent, please document at least five such instances and report them to our Customer Happiness team by writing to us at with the following details -

  1. Video documentation (audio included) of the entire issue where the ExoPhone is being dialed upon and the error message is clearly audible, within the video

  2. Share the caller’s (From) number along with the operator's name, city, and state

  3. Try to test this by calling in on the same ExoPhone but with a different number and a different operator. Share your observations once you’ve tested this, so we may try and identify/isolate the root cause of the problem i.e. if it is operator-specific, a particular region-specific, or otherwise

This information should help us escalate the reported issues to the Operator, with whom our team would work alongside, in having the issues fixed on priority. While working on these issues, our team might have to place live testing on the reported numbers and we request you to co-operate with the same.

Given that the calls may not even land on Exotel’s servers, we understand that you would accordingly not be able to provide us with any viable call reference IDs and as such, the video documentation along with other necessary details would help.