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All the virtual numbers (ExoPhones) that you may get to use while signing up for an account with us are owned by Exotel.

Landline numbers from your Exotel account are non-transferable.

Here's why -

Given that our infrastructure is built on Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines provided by the Operator, where a single number is part of 300-500 number pool or 30 channel pool that gets allocated with a single PRI, we would accordingly not be able to facilitate a transfer of ownership for a single Landline number that you may want from your account.

Additionally, as a Cloud Telephony service provider, we are not authorized to resell a specific landline number or any other operator-related component that we may use.

In order to avoid instances that may create conflicts over the ownership of a specific Landline ExoPhone from your Exotel account, we always recommend our clients have a different customer-facing number.

However, if you face issues where your customers don't answer the calls unless they recognize you. Then please note that you can also display your company name under the Exo-phone through Google verified calls. Please refer to the below article for more information:

Also, to know more about Truecaller whitelisting, please refer to the below link:

If you wish to know more and understand this in detail, please reach out to us at 8088919888 or write to us at so they may help explain the same.