We recommend all our clients not to use/publish the ExoPhones as their Customer Facing Numbers. The reason is Exotel does not own these numbers,

Instead, our operators have the proprietorship. Your customers might have a tough time reaching you if the operators decide to deprecate the number. The process will be hassle-free if you have your own CFN and you can simply choose to activate call forwarding on a different ExoPhone if the existing number has an issue. 

Please choose an operator that provides -

  1. No Call Forwarding tone:- Ensure that the call forwarding tone "Please wait your call has been Forwarded" cannot be heard. Only Jio does not play this by default for now. Other operators play the call forwarding tone. We can get this removed for Airtel and Vodafone numbers. 

  2. Switch level forwarding:- Call forwarding happens at the switch level i.e. customer call would directly land on Exotel, eliminating call forwarding time.

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