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Along with the Call/SMS report, We have included the feature of getting call details for any particular user or group. And this is how you can fetch the following details :

After you access the Report section under the Admin panel on the left-hand sidebar of the Exotel dashboard, when you check the option of User/Groups in the report as highlighted in the image below and select the corresponding duration for which you want the report and get the desired result.

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This report would give you an overview of any group or a particular coworker.


PositionFieldDescription (possible values)
1AgentNameThe Agent’s name as per ‘Co-workers and Groups’
2AgentEmailThe Agent's email as per 'Co-workers and Groups'
2GroupNameThe Group name that an agent belongs to, as per ‘Co-workers and Groups’
3IncomingCallsNumber of completed (incoming) calls attended
4MissedCallsThis is the sum of ‘NoAnswer’, ‘Busy’ & ‘Failed’ calls that get routed to an agent
5NoAnswerThe agent didn’t pick up the call
6BusyThe agent’s number was busy or unreachable when we tried routing the call to them
7FailedEither the agent’s number was temporarily out of order or Exotel’s operator failed to have the call successfully route to said agent
8OutgoingCallsNumber of completed (outgoing) calls triggered
9TotalCallDurationInMinutesSum of the duration of both incoming and outgoing completed calls (in minutes)
10AverageHandlingTimeInMinutesAverage time spent per completed call (in minutes)
11DeviceOnPercentDuration of time where the agent/user was switched-on over Exotel dashboard (in percentage)
12DeviceOnHumanReadableDuration of time where the agent/user was switched-on over Exotel dashboard (in Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds)


The data sources & underlying logic used in the User/Group report for metrics calculation are different from the Live Call dashboard report.
 Please refer to the User/Group report for longer-dated range data. For today and yesterday’s data please refer to the Live Call Dashboard report.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888