I deleted a user from my account but I want to add them back. How can I do this?

You can add the same user by clicking on invite co-work from Co-worker and groups. However, you will not be able to add the same mail ID to the agent as the system will reply back saying this mail ID is already taken for the same or a different account.

For which you can add the same mail by appending +1. For instance, if the mail ID is test@exotel.com, you can add them as test+1@exotel.com.

And this will be recognized as a new mail ID as per the system but still, you will receive all the mails to the original mail ID which is test@exotel.com.

If you're the admin of the account, you need to add them as a user in the Exotel dashboard. They will then be able to access the account. Here's how you can add a new user to your account.

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