So, Who is this for? If you...

* Need a "Key account manager"
* Need someone to write scripts (for say, downloading reports, Writing Passthru URLs, Hosting something somewhere etc). 
* Need someone to explain and implement Exotel APIs for your internal use. 
* Want help in Putting Click to Call widget in their website. 
* Some new feature that can be implemented using our APIs

* Need to build Apps running seamlessly with Exotel, on top of Exotel Platform

With this app, you get Paid support along with consultation on solutions & integrations. Please note, development work maybe chargeable extra (depending on the project). 

Phone a friend is in beta, so please allow for small hiccups during the process. The following are the terms with which exotel offers phone a friend. Terms are not exhaustive & may change in the future:

  • On Installation of app, a small one time fee** (Refer App Bazaar for latest fee) will be deducted
  • On installation, You will be paired with one of our partners. Partners maintain the same service level quality & trust with you. They may also have their own Privacy policies in their website. 
  • On project approval, partner will send you a Proforma with costing for the project. 
  • You then topup your exotel account using one of our usual payment methods. 
  • On receipt of payment, Partner begins work & delivers within agreed time. They also keep you updated on the progress. 
  • An additional line item called "Phone a friend" will appear in the upcoming invoice for this amount. 
  • On delivery & completion, You uninstall "Phone a friend" app in your account. On Uninstall - Payment will be released to our partner company. 
  • If the partner company did not deliver on their promises, and if no mutual consensus can be arrived upon, you apply for refund which will be processed within 2 weeks. 
Install Phone a friend


    ** This is our way of ensuring that our partners get only serious enquiries. We acknowledge that "One time fee" may not be the best way to achieve our objective. If you have a better idea, please suggest.