You can find your SMS reports in the 'Reports'  tab under Admin.

SMS reporting format

Field Values Comments
Id Unique alphanumeric identifier of the SMS
Direction incoming / outbound-api
Type transactional / promotional 'Transactional' if the message matches a transactional template in your account
From SMS Sender ID LM-XXXXXX for outbound sms and the sending number for inbound sms
To Number to which SMS was sent
Body Body of the message
Status sent / failed / failed-dnd / submitted sent - All is well
failed - Message was not sent
failed-dnd - This happens when a promotional SMS is sent to a number in NCPR (DND list)
submitted - This means that the SMS you have sent has been submitted from our system to SMS Gateway
 Price In rupees 1 sms unit = 160 characters. 
ToCirlce The telecom circle to which the 'To' number belongs to