In many cases, you might want to improve your existing business logic. You've created the business logic, but how will you test this out?

  1. After logging in to your Exotel dashboard, go to your addressbook page( ).
  2. Create a new list, call it "TestNewBizLogic" or something else that's descriptive.
  3. Add the phone number of the person who will test out the new biz logic by using "Add contact".
  4. Now, go  to your app page( ) , and create a new app. Call it "TestNewBizLogic"
  5. Start with "Who's Calling" applet. Choose the "TestNewBizLogic" list. If the caller is from "TestNewBizLogic" list, then use the transfer applet to connect to the new biz logic that you wish to test.
  6. If the caller does not belong to "TestNewBizLogic" list, use the transfer applet to connect to your old biz logic.
  7. Now, go to your company numbers(, and assign the number to TestNewBizLogic.
  8. Call up, check if all is well. 
  9. After testing, if you wish to use the new biz logic, assign the number to the new biz logic.