SMSes delivered by commercial businesses are divided into Promotional and Transactional SMSes, in accordance with TRAI standards (official notification by TRAI)

If a transactional template is available, SMSes sent via the Exotel API will be transactional. All SMSs are sent as promotional SMSs if they don't fit a transactional framework.

There are three steps to sending out transactional SMSs:

  • Choose a six-letter Sender ID when establishing a new ExoPhone number; this is what we will use to deliver all of your transactional SMSes. Using this Sender ID, all transactional SMSes will be sent. Pick a symbol that will help clients recognise your company. (As in "EXOTEL") Learn more about SMS SenderID.
  • In your Exotel portal, on the SMS Settings tab, add particular templates for transactional SMSes for approval. Based on these templates, we will filter all SMS messages. A transactional SMS will be delivered if the SMS body you send matches one of these templates; otherwise, a promotional SMS will be sent.
  • See some examples of transactional & promotional SMS. Then, Request a template.

Few Use cases of transactional SMSs:

  • Welcome SMS-User signing up for an online account to opt for any particular service.
  • Shipping Updates- Status updates are shared with the customers about the order deliveries.
  • Appointment Confirmations- To share instant updates on booking details and confirmations.
  • One-Time Passwords (OTPs): sending out to OTPs for data security while verifying account sign-ins, payments, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • A large portion of the consumer base of any organization loves to receive transactional SMSs, which have a high open rate.
  • Unlike promotional SMSs, which require a numeric header, these can be delivered with a 6-character alpha header.
  • Transactional SMSs are not subject to any limitations, such as the inability to send them to DND phones.

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us at 08088919888.