SMSes delivered by commercial businesses are divided into Promotional and Transactional SMSes, in accordance with TRAI standards (official notification by TRAI)

If a transactional template is available, SMSes sent via the Exotel API will be transactional. All SMSs are sent as promotional SMSs if they don't fit a transactional framework.

There are three steps to sending out transactional SMSs:

  • Choose a six-letter Sender ID when establishing a new ExoPhone number; this is what we will use to deliver all of your transactional SMSes. Using this Sender ID, all transactional SMSes will be sent. Pick a symbol that will help clients recognise your company. (As in "EXOTEL") Learn more about SMS SenderID.
  • In your Exotel portal, on the SMS Settings tab, add particular templates for transactional SMSes for approval. Based on these templates, we will filter all SMS messages. A transactional SMS will be delivered if the SMS body you send matches one of these templates; otherwise, a promotional SMS will be sent.
  • See some examples of transactional & promotional SMS. Then, Request a template.

Few Use cases of transactional SMSs:

  • Welcome SMS-User signing up for an online account to opt for any particular service.
  • Shipping Updates- Status updates are shared with the customers about the order deliveries.
  • Appointment Confirmations- To share instant updates on booking details and confirmations.
  • One-Time Passwords (OTPs): sending out to OTPs for data security while verifying account sign-ins, payments, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • A large portion of the consumer base of any organization loves to receive transactional SMSs, which have a high open rate.
  • Unlike promotional SMSs, which require a numeric header, these can be delivered with a 6-character alpha header.
  • Transactional SMSs are not subject to any limitations, such as the inability to send them to DND phones.