According to TRAI regulations, SMSes sent by commercial entities are classified into Promotional and Transactional SMSes (official notification by TRAI)

SMSes sent through Exotel API will be transactional if there exists a transactional template that it matches with. All SMSs that don't match with a transactional template are sent as promotional SMSs.

There are three steps to sending out transactional SMSs:

  1. While getting a new ExoPhone number, choose a 6 alphabet Sender ID that we will send all your transactional SMSes with. All transactional SMSes will be sent using this Sender ID. Choose something that your customers can identify your business with. (Eg. "EXOTEL"). Read more about SMS SenderID.
  2. Add specific templates of transactional SMSes for approval in the SMS Settings page in your Exotel portal. We will filter all SMSs based on these templates. If the SMS body (that you send) matches any of these templates, it will be sent as a transactional SMS else, it will be sent as a promotional SMS. 
  3. See some examples of transactional & promotional SMS. Then, Apply for a template.