• Hearing an echo on call is common in POTS  (Plain old telephone service). If you are using an analog landline telephone or calling a number that is an analog phone line, it is likely that you might hear echoing on call.
  • Hearing an echo on call is common when your phone set/device or the far end person's phone set/device, is used with hands-free or Bluetooth.
  • Intermittent echo issues are very common with most operators. We have all heard this even before Exotel came into existence.

Having said all of this, there is always a slight possibility that the problem is at our end as well. Please be assured that we will get it checked out. However, we would need the following information to debug:

  1. From Number (Instrument used)
  2. To Number (You probably don't know what instrument your customer is using. If you do know, tell us about that as well)
  3. Date & Time of call


       4. Call reference ID of the call from the call report, or Inbox

Kindly send these details to hello@exotel.in or give us a call at 08088-919-888