There are two types of Co-workers within your Exotel account- Admins and Users (non-admins). Each of these Co-workers types has access to different features and functions within the product as defined below.

You can make a user an Admin by selecting the check-box in the Add/Edit Co-workers popup.

Section Action Admin User
Inbox View/Listen/Delete messages to all groups and Co-workers Yes No
  View/Listen/Delete messages to the group to which the Co-workers belongs Yes Yes
  View/Listen/Delete messages directed to the Co-workers Yes Yes
  Add notes to messages Yes Yes
Call widget Make an outbound call Yes Yes
SMS Widget Send an SMS Yes Yes
Address Book Create/Edit/Delete Contacts
View/Edit the contacts created by other users
Yes Yes 
App Bazaar Create/Edit/Delete Call Apps
Create/Edit/Delete SMS Apps
Yes No 
Exophones View the Exophones bought by you
Connect a number with a Call/SMS App
Purchase a new number
Yes No 
Reports Download call snd SMS reports Yes No
Analytics Yes No
Co-workers & Groups Add,Delete & Edit Co-workers Details Yes No
Campaigns Schedule Bulk SMS to a selected list Yes  No 
FAQ page Frequently Asked Questions  Yes Yes
My Account Personal Info Yes Yes
  Settings Yes No
  KYC Docs Yes No
  Bill Plan Yes No
  Make a Payment Yes No
  View Bills Yes No
  Payment history Yes No