Your call and SMS reports can be found under  Admin-> Reports. You can download reports daily, monthly (billing cycle) or even for custom dates. If you have multiple numbers, you can also download reports for a specific virtual number. 

The reports can be downloaded in the CSV format and the various fields within the reports are listed below:

Position Field Desciption (possible values)
1 Id Unique ID of the call
2 Direction (Inbound / Outbound / Outbound-Api)
3 Type (Transactional)
4 ExotelNumber Inbound call- Your Exotel number on which the call landed
Outbound call – The number chosen in the 'From' filed of the call widget
5 From Inbound call – The caller's number
Outbound call – Your agent's number
6 FromName Inbound call – The caller's name if present in your addressbook, else blank
Outbound call – Your agent's name
7 To Inbound call – 
1) The Agent's number if the call is connected to an agent
2) Your Exotel number if no agent talked to the caller
Outbound call – The dialed number
8 ToName Inbound call – 
1) The Agent's Name
2) Outbound call – The name of the person who was called if present in your addressbook
9 Status Please see the 'Status Legend' table
10 StartTime Time at which the call started
11 EndTime Time at which the call ended
12 BillableDuration Duration of the call in seconds where call cost is applicable.
For Eg: an automated IVR flow with no connect applet will have '0' BillableDuration
Also, for outbound calls the billable duration will be a sum of the billable duration of both the legs of the call.
Here's an illustrated Sample scenario.
13 Price in rupees
14 RecordingUrl The call's recording URL - if applicable
15 PriceDetails Pricing of the call with the call duration and amount for each leg of the call.
Inbound calls will have one leg pricing details and outbound calls will have pricing for both the legs of the call.
16 GroupName This field show the group which received an incoming call (if applicable). This field is populated only for calls which reach a Connect applet where a group is configured.



Status Legend

Direction Possible 'Status' values   Meaning
Inbound completed Was connected to an agent
Inbound call-attempt Call was cut before connect applet (OR) there was no connect applet in the flow
Inbound missed-call All agents were unable to pick the call (OR) the caller terminated the call while ringing the agents
Inbound voicemail The caller left a voicemail
NOTE: This overrides the above statuses. For ex, if none of the agents were able
to pick the call, and then the caller left a voicemail, the Status will be voicemail and not missed-call
Outbound completed "All izz well"
Outbound no-answer The dialed number (either the first number or the second) did not pick up the call
Outbound busy The dialed number (either the first number or the second) was busy (ie, cut the call)
Outbound failed Either leg of the call failed due to connectivity issues