Call center basic support:


This is one of the most widely used use-cases by our customers. A greeting is played out to the customers initially and the calls are connected to the respective departments. You can use an IVR applet to connect the customer to a particular department if there are more than one in your company. Even a timing applet can be made use of if your business is open only during specific hours. 


Missed Call Marketing Campaign: 


This call flow lets you save your customers' numbers for whatever purpose you desire. You can use the list manager applet or a passthru with an endpoint to store the numbers.  


Feedback calls:


In this use-case, the customer gives a call and enters a DTMF code to rate the service. This call flow can be constructed using gather and passthru applet. 


Apart from these you can also create flows like Shift based customer support, Extension based dialing (similar to EPABX), SMS marketing campaigns, Automated voice call campaigns, COD Verification and a whole lot more!