Please note that as per our recent update, by default you will not be able to view call records older than 7 days.

Alternativity, Please select the period as custom and the last 6 months in the Inbox section on the right side of your dashboard, then click on search to retrieve the call records for the selected months.

Screenshot for your reference:

If you want to look up calls made to a specific number or call reference ID, you may do that too. You should be able to receive the call details if you click on the filters, choose the duration as custom, choose the most recent six months, and then, after selecting those options with a comma (,), click on the field for the mobile number or call reference ID as shown below.

created:19-08-2022 00:00:00...19-02-2023 00:59:59, b01499c203d4b6f3efac1766cc491713 or phone number

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us at 08088919888.