Why a new Inbox Filter?

You may already know that the Inbox section of your dashboard displays all the call history related to your Exotel account. To provide you with this data, we retrieve and query data from the back-end logs every time you open the Inbox. As the number of calls can often be quite high, we have now made some changes that limit the viewable call records to the last seven days. However, you can still access any call data that is older than seven days (up to six months) by selecting the "call time period" option in the Search Filter of the Inbox.

Instructions to use New Inbox Filter to view call logs older than seven days (a video demo/sample is available as an attachment below)

Use case 1:
Searching all call logs for seven days old data using the filter.

>> You can apply the filter as shown below. (Click on the drop-down, set the date range, and search).

Use case 2:
Searching Specific call logs for seven days old data using a filter and call-reference id or Phone number.

>> If you want to search for a particular number or a call reference id just separate the phone number or call reference id you want to look for with a comma (,) and space when applying for the filter.


Note: Included below is a video that explains  Use Case 1 and  Use Case 2. You can use it as a reference to better comprehend.

Add on: For calls, less than 7 days one can search simply by using a phone no/call-reference id (reference video 4)


If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888.