This dashboard is available for only select accounts during the private beta phase until it is generally available (where it might be chargeable or accessible for accounts under specific pricing plans). If you are interested to access this, drop in a note to and we'll evaluate your request.

Once this is enabled, you can access the dashboard via your left navigation (Live - Dashboard) or use this link. It will give you an overview of your contact center live metrics as well as today's activity.


  • Group Filter: This filter applies to both live as well as today's activity metrics.
    • Default: All Calls (All groups + ungrouped calls)
    • One or more groups 
  • Time (Today's activity so far): View the metrics of today (based on your system's timezone) or drill down to last 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours.

Refresh rate:

  • The live sections (Live Calls and Live Agent Status) will auto refresh in few seconds periodically.
  • Today's activity so far metrics will need a refresh trigger or on page reload. (Time it was last refreshed is shown as "last updated x minutes ago") 


  • Live Calls
    • In Queue: This will denote the number of callers in queue if enabled in your call flows. If group filter is applied, it'll only show calls present in queue against the group(s) selected.
    • Ongoing Calls: This will denote the number of active calls assigned to an agent (incoming or outgoing). If group filter is applied, it'll show the number of calls active against the agent present in that group.
    • Total Calls: This would be the sum of "In Queue" and "Ongoing Calls".
  • Live agent status
    • On Call: This will denote the number of agents who have been assigned on an active call. An active call is where an agent is being attempted, agent's device is ringing or agent is in conversation.
    • Idle: This will denote the number of agents who don't have an active call assigned to them and are free to take calls.
    • Offline: This will denote the number of agents who have turned themselves off and cannot receive any calls.
    • Total Agents: This will denote the total agents present in your account or group (if filter is applied). 
  • Today's activity so far (Incoming Calls)
    • Call Volume: This denotes the total calls received on your ExoPhones throughout the day or last x hours (if filter is applied).
    • Completed Calls: This denotes the calls answered by your agents i.e. where a conversation occurred. If multiple agents were attempted but at least 1 agent answered, it will be treated as completed call.
    • Missed Calls: This denotes the calls that were missed by your agents i.e. one or more agent was attempted but call was not answered by anyone. Such calls are applicable in following scenarios
      • Agent attempt went unanswered due to any reason such as agent's device was ringing (agent didn't pick up, timeout occurred or caller disconnected during ring), agent's phone was not reachable, busy, didn't connect due to network issue etc.
      • If one or more agent was attempted, it will be treated as 1 missed call if no one answered.
      • If one or more agent was attempted and caller was put in queue again and disconnected, it will still be treated as missed call.
    • Abandoned Calls: This denotes the calls that were hung up and no agent was assigned. Such calls are applicable in following scenarios
      • Disconnected by caller in greeting or IVR menu (not applicable if group filter is selected)
      • Disconnected by system due to off working hours, genuine termination where agent wasn't supposed to be dialled etc. (not applicable if group filter is selected)
      • Disconnected by caller in queue (no agent was attempted; applicable in case of group filter)
    • Average Talk Time: This denotes the average time spent by your agents in a call conversation. It is calculated only considering 'completed calls'.

Prev. Day / Change:

  • Prev. day: This denotes the metrics under the today's activity section, calculated for previous day so far (yesterday). For example - if you are viewing the dashboard on Wednesday 2 PM, this will denote the stats for Tuesday (from 12 AM until 2 PM). This will help you gauge the trend against the same timeline of previous day.

  • Change %: This will denote the relative change of today's metrics when compared with previous day's metrics i.e. [((B-A) / A) * 100], where B is today's metrics and A is previous day's metrics. The same formula applies to all metrics including completed calls %, missed calls % etc. 

    For example, if call volume until 2 PM was 100 on the previous day, but today, it is 150, it will be +50% (UP) change. Similarly, if completed calls were 80% on previous day and it decreased to 40% today, it will be denoted as -50% (DOWN).

  • Behaviour on 'Last x hours' filter: If today's activity is filtered for last x hours, the previous day metrics and change % would be calculated for that time range on previous day. For example - If dashboard is viewed at 4 PM and last 2 hours is selected, metrics for 2 PM - 4 PM time window would be displayed for today as well as the previous day.

Do note this feature is currently under 'Private Beta' and guidelines for same are mentioned here. For any feedback or bugs, drop an email to

(If your account is upgraded to the next version of the dashboard, please refer to the documentation here).