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A greeting is the first message that callers listen to when they call your company. Having a clearly articulated welcome message for your callers is essential for your business. We recommend using the Greeting applet before your call flow, to get the correct call status as well. 


There are multiple ways to play the greeting message using this Greeting applet. 

  • Play a robotic Voice by clicking on the type text and enter the message that needs to read out by the greeting applet. Enter the text and click on the SAVE button for the greeting to be played. 


You can also raise a voice request to get the text recorded in Indian accent by clicking the “Get this text Recorded”
NOTE: ₹ 600 per recording request with a maximum limit of 200 words. Every time you press "Get this text recorded", it is considered as one request and will cost ₹ 600.  

  • In Exotel, you have an option to make this greeting dynamic - ie, you can potentially play a different greeting to different callers. 

In the Greeting (or Menu) applet, you can specify a URL (instead of a static text) in the "Read text like a robot" option. See below. 

When the text box contains a URL, Exotel will make an HTTP GET request to that URL  (which is hosted at your server). Your server can now return either a text or a URL (to an audio file). If it returns a text, the text will be converted to audio using our Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine and then played out. 

NOTE: The following are the conditions if you are adding a URL to play out the audio using a URL or uploading an audio file.

1. Bit resolution - 8 Bit

2. Sampling rate -  8000Hz 

3. Audio channel - Mono 

4. Audio File - .wav/.mp3


In case if audio is not being played from the URL check these specifications for the audio file and update the audio file under the URL as per the standard IVR greeting specifications. In case if you face any issue then drop an email to hello@exotel.in or call 8088919888

  • Upload the audio file of .wav or .mp3 file with a file size less than 2MB and of 8Khz Mono format. In case if the file is not getting uploaded then check if the specification of the audio file matches the standard format.


  • Record the audio file using your phone as a microphone. Enter a number (with a preceeding 0), click Call & Record, and record your message.

  • Choose the audio file from your audio library. You will find the voice-over request recording under the Audio Library.