The escalation process is designed to keep you informed of your escalated case status every step of the way. A lead and/or manager is assigned to every escalation to oversee the case from a holistic viewpoint. This member is responsible for evaluating the situation and taking action towards resolution.

Escalation Process Overview: 

When Should an Escalation Be Initiated?

A customer can escalate an issue at any point in time. However, we request you work with our team and follow the standard process so that there is no delay in providing the right resolution. This is because, even in case of an escalation, the basic checks will have to be performed by the lead/manager before taking any further steps. Ideally, we would prefer, if an escalation is initiated when there is a direct impact on your production environment/business operations and our support staff has not been able to operate at a level defined in the SLA. Nevertheless, we understand that there could be other reasons for the customer to escalate the issue as well.

What is the Process for Escalating My Case?

The entry point into the escalation process is via the support case. Any issues/concerns need to be reported via the call/ticket to follow this process.  The reason behind this is to get multiple teams involved if need be in a consolidated manner. All teams involved will add their observations on the case so that the other members can view the progression of the issue.

The normal process for a support case is:

  1. Call us at +91-8088919888 and report the incident.

  2. Write to us via and you will receive a ticket Id for reference. Once the ticket has been submitted, this incoming ticket is assigned to a Support Engineer who usually provides the best solution for the raised concern. If the gap between the customer’s expectation and the platform possibilities cannot be resolved, an escalation is started.

How Can I Escalate My Case?

  • Via Call:  You can call us on the support number +91-8088919888 and may escalate the issue via the support agent. The call will be transferred to the voice manager who addresses your concerns.

  • Via Escalation form: You can visit our website and fill in the form. A corresponding ticket will be created and the respective lead/manager will reach out to you within the next 30 mins via email/call.

  • Via Email: You could also CC the respective account manager (if any)  on the ongoing support ticket and the escalation is started. The respective lead/manager will reach out to you within the next 1 hour via email/call.

Point of Contact



Response time


Customer Happiness Team


30 mins


Level 1 escalation

Escalation form


30 mins


Level 2 escalation


1 Hour

What Can I Expect During an Escalated Status?

You will be contacted by the respective lead/manager and we will collaborate and develop a communication plan. In case necessary a technical plan will also be created. The lead/manager will act as a virtual member of your problem statement and work towards the resolution/closure of the support case.

An escalation will be considered closed if it meets one or more of the following requirements:

  • The objectives that were initially agreed upon have been achieved.

  • The problem has not recurred in the monitoring time period and the customer is satisfied.

  • You have agreed that the issue is resolved.

  • A mutual agreement in case the issue cannot be resolved on time bound and the case will be considered as feedback and prioritized in the near future.

De-Escalation Process

Once resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, the situation is monitored for an agreed-upon period. The escalation team remains on standby and available in case the problem reoccurs during the monitoring period.

The de-escalation process follows these steps:

Once the monitoring period is successfully completed, the escalation is closed by the lead/manager after seeking an agreement with the customer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us using the chat widget on your Exotel Dashboard or Whatsapp us on 08088919888.