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If you are in a scenario where you are unable to make or receive calls, you can solve this by turning your Exotel device ‘off’ and then switching it ‘on’ again. This will reset your agent state from ‘active’ to ‘idle’. You can do this from the dashboard or by giving a missed call to our switch number (+91 9513885656). Refer to this on how to toggle your number ‘on’ and ‘off’ on Exotel. 


Here are some situations when you can make use of steps to avoid calls issues: 

  1. Outgoing Call Scenario

    If you receive the following error suggesting that you are already on a call:

    The above error may come if you retry too soon after attempting or completing an outgoing call. If you observe such an error even beyond ~60 seconds of your initial attempt, you can use this functionality to reset your state (as Exotel retries connecting your phone for a time period of ~60 seconds).  

  2. Incoming Call Scenario

    If you are part of a group and you are not receiving incoming calls, you can check your state from this (Coworkers and groups) page. If it appears to be ‘active’ and you are not on a call, you can use this functionality to reset your state.

  3. Incoming Call Scenario(Handset issue).

    If you are part of a group and you are not receiving incoming calls on your device and on Exotel dashboard status showing as busy or no-answer we request you to please reset the network by restarting the device,


Note: We try to eliminate all possible scenarios where an agent can be stuck to make or receive calls. However, due to the complexity of the infrastructure and telecom network, there might be certain scenarios where you can still encounter this problem. However, you can use this method to set yourself free.


In case you are observing this issue repeatedly, kindly reach out to or reach us on 08088919888.