First - If you do not want to receive your Exotel calls, you can switch you number "OFF". So, calls coming to you through Exotel will go to someone else or voicemail depending on your configuration. You might choose to do this when you are getting into a meeting or driving a vehicle etc. 

There are three ways of toggling your device (phone number): 

From your exotel dashboard after logging in like this:

Second, From the Co-workers & Groups page by using the "Gear" icon below the User widget

save image

save image

Third. by using the "Exotel Switch": Exotel Switch is 09223332233. You can give a missed from your registered phone number to this switch and it will toggle your status. That is: If your number is currently ON, it will go "OFF" and vice versa. You will get an SMS with the current status of your device.