We at Exotel have decided to move your front-facing numbers to a different service provider considering some of the service disruptions that we faced recently. We are committed to providing you with the best of the service and have to take a hard stance on migrating to a new operator to ensure that we serve you in the best possible manner.




1. What ExoPhones are you referring to?

  1. List of ExoPhones present in your account using which you receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls.
  2. You should have received an email from “Support from Exotel” on 16th April 2021 from Exotel with the list of ExoPhones along with its corresponding new ExoPhones.

  3. In case of uncertainty, please reach out to hello@exotel.in

2. How am I affected?

        Incoming calls and outgoing calls on these ExoPhones have now stopped working.


3. What are the next steps?

  1. Write to hello@exotel.in to change your existing ExoPhones to alternate ExoPhones reserved by Exotel.

  2. For each of your existing ExoPhone, there is already an alternate ExoPhone reserved. With your consent, we would swap the ExoPhone with the alternative ExoPhone reserved. 

  3. All your call flows will be mapped as per the existing setup. The swapping will enable you to use the new ExoPhone immediately (within 3 days). 

  4. We shall add the existing ExoPhones as backups to the new ExoPhones and hence customers reaching you on the old ExoPhones would still get through the calls, until the end of March. 

  5. During this transition, we request you to do all the front-end changes and replace the existing ExoPhones with the corresponding new ExoPhone for display (websites, collaterals, etc.).



Your ExoPhone: 0123xxxxxxx

Backup associated: 0456xxxxxxx 


Post swapping-

Your ExoPhone: 0456xxxxxxx

Backup associated: 0123xxxxxxx

*Post swapping the backup ExoPhones will eventually go down as per the above-mentioned timelines.

4. What are the implications of changing my ExoPhone?


- Any logic implemented on the existing ExoPhone should be changed to the new alternate ExoPhone at your end.

  1. Passthru Applet - Any URL/link where the logic is based on the existing ExoPhone or caller ID parameter, any CRM integration based on the existing ExoPhone.

  2. Status Callback - Any URL/link where the logic is based on the existing ExoPhone or caller ID parameter.

  3. SMS Sender ID - Your current SMS Sender ID will be carried forward to the new ExoPhone by Exotel.

  4. APIs - API logic/call where the ExoPhone or caller ID parameter is used to GET, POST, map, etc needs to be replaced with the alternate new ExoPhone against the existing ExoPhone respectively.

  5. Review SMS templates and replace content at your end

    • SMS templates such as please give a missed call to 080-XXXXXXXX

    • For inquiries reach us at 080-XXXXXXXX, etc, need to be changed at your end.

  6. Reports changes - Post the migration, you will be able to download ExoPhone-specific reports for the new ExoPhone. If you need the old ExoPhone-specific report, the data will be available in the overall report.

  7. Caller ID on the handset - For all the outgoing calls, you will see the new caller Id.

5. Will there be any disruption with my current services before or after migration?


- Currently, we have added an alternate ExoPhone as a backup to your existing set of ExoPhones. This will ensure outbound calls go through seamlessly via primary or backup ExoPhones. Please note, that the caller Id might be different for outgoing in case the call is routed via backup ExoPhones.


For incoming calls, connectivity issues might continue if users are dialing into your existing ExoPhone considering the quality issues that we are facing with the existing operator. To ensure seamless connectivity for Incoming as well, change your front-facing ExoPhone to the backup ExoPhone and write to hello@exotel.in for migration.

6. Why can’t you port the ExoPhones to a different operator instead?


- Landline portability is not allowed in India. We have been discussing this with the Department of Telecommunications on this possibility, but this is not in place as of now. 


7. What if people call us on the existing ExoPhones?

  1. We will be keeping your ExoPhones active till 31st March 2019, and you can start using alternate ExoPhone immediately after making the necessary changes. This will give you some time to migrate your users to new ExoPhones.

  2. Meanwhile, you can proactively reach out to your customers via call/SMS campaigns. You could download the list of customers who have reached out to you in the past 6 months via reports and set up campaigns via API or via the dashboard.

8. I do not want to proceed with this replacement, give me other options.


- We understand your concern. However, we really do not see us able to provide stable service on your current ExoPhones


9. Transfer the ownership of these numbers to us.


- Landline numbers are owned by operators and we do not have the authority to transfer the ownership of the numbers.


10. I pay for your service, why should I be affected by your operator relates issues?

- Exotel is dependent on service providers/operators for telecom lines and our infrastructure is based on the operator network. We understand that this is inconvenient for you, and while we regret the inconvenience, we do not have other options.



For more information, Use the "Support" widget at the bottom of the screen to tell us. You can also reach out to us with the below-mentioned details.

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