While trying to add a co-worker from the Exotel dashboard, you might’ve stumbled upon an error message stating:

This has been done as a product measure to increase our product security & to eliminate one-click attacks or session riding - you may understand a bit more about it here.

While we understand that this could be an inconvenience to you and your team while having to increase coworkers, refreshing the page should resolve this alert.

Implementing CSRF (Cross-site request forgery) tokens is an industry-wide practice where the actual user gets prompted to refresh the page in case the session timeout limit is met - this is not a bug/issue but certainly, there are better ways to deal with this as well - we’re working with our Product & Engineering teams to see if an auto-refresh could be a possibility here.

If you wish to know more and understand this in detail, please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team at 8088-919-888 or write to us at hello@exotel.in so they may help explain the same.