SMSes you send to your Customers via Exotel will be charged as per your Bill Plan. 

You can view your Bill plan here.

SMSes will be billed the moment they are submitted to Exotel. 

You must be aware that operators have now started charging for SMSs that have been ‘submitted’ to the SMS gateway and not just the ones that have either been delivered or failed after multiple retries.

Every SMS that is accepted to be sent by Exotel will be considered as a “submitted” SMS.

Accordingly, with effect from 15 May 2018, we too have adapted this change in product behavior, where you will see charges for every single SMS that’s triggered from our platform (apart from the ones that get categorized as ‘failed-dnd’).

Also, The SMSes are billed by the number of units sent in each SMS, If the SMS body exceeds 160 characters, Exotel sends these as multi-part SMS. You can refer to the article How is the length of an SMS calculated for more details. 

To send SMSes to customers in India, An additional charge of 2.5p will be applied. [DLT charges is the cost for operators to check the flow of unregistered SMS headers or content over their networks and match senders according to customers' DND (Do Not Disturb) preferences.]

If you wish to know more and understand this in detail, you can reach us on 8088919888 or write to us at