The regulatory contact point is an individual or department authorized for communicating with Exotel on behalf of your company. This communication may involve non-procedural issues/Service related 

These details are to be added in the Company's Info section as shown below:

The regulatory contact point should be part of the Organisation and will be responsible to relay information across the company. 

It is better to provide a group email id with at least two people in it. A phone number is the mobile number of one of the people in this group email.

You can also use the details of the Super Admin of the Exotel account. This person would be the SPOC for any issues pertaining to Exotel Account. 

If there is a request from the Government or Law enforcement authorities, then we require you to provide full cooperation in speedily resolving the issue. Usually, this means, providing documents as evidence. Our Terms of Use also mention the following:

You will provide us with the e-mail address and phone co-ordinates of your employee/representative who will be responsible to co-ordinate with us for the purposes of this Agreement

Example of How it works: Consider an NDNC violation for example: At the time of writing this article, between the two of us, we have 7 days to respond back to the Operator with all the necessary proofs. We will contact the email and phone number mentioned under the Regulatory point of contact for organizing these kinds of documents.

If you have further queries, Reach us at or 08088-919-888