Here's what you can expect from us (All time periods are working business hours)

How can we help you? Expect a response within... We hope to solve the problem within...
 Urgent Problem with receiving or making Calls/SMS 2 hours 8 hours
 High Something is not working as described 8 hours 2 days
 Medium Billing related query 12 hours 3 days
 Medium You need a custom number
1 day 2 to 10 days (Depends on the number)
 High SMS Template approval 8 hours 2 days
 High SMS sender ID approval 8 hours
2 days
 Low General query 1 day
3 days (Specific to the query)
 Low Voice over requests 1 day 2 days (For 1 request)
  Sales related queries    
 High Processing your KYC documents
N.A. 1 day

Payment Processing SLA:

If you are making a payment via methods other than online payment through Exotel Account, please send us an email mentioning the following:

a) Account Name (the account name that you have with Exotel system)

b) Amount Paid

c) NEFT Transaction/Cheque No.

d) Date of Transaction/Submission

e) TDS Deduction (2% of 10%)

Without an email, with the above information, we will not be able to update any amount. The following SLA applies only after we get the required information via an email.

Payment Method Processing Time
Online Payment (via Exotel Account)
(If you are paying online, please make sure you fill your TAN in the “Company Info” section and select a TDS amount, and complete your KYC documentation process)
Other Modes of Payment (NEFT or Cheque)
5 Business Days from the day of Credit into Exotel Account