A short video:

Playing a greeting to your customers who are trying to reach you on non-working days is a common requirement that we at Exotel are asked for. In this article, we'll help you create a 'Holiday App', to ensure these instances are handled better.

1) Open up the App Bazaar in your Exotel dashboard, and click on the 'Create' option like so:

2) Give any name to the flow.

3) In the Flow Editor, drag and drop the Greeting applet in the Call Start section:

3) You can either type in the content which you want your customer to listen to, which would be a robotic voice or you can upload an MP3 greeting or choose an already uploaded recording from your Audio Library.

To raise a voice-over request with a professional voice-over artist, follow the instructions here.

4) Finally, add a Hangup applet after the Greeting to hang up the call from your customer.

Alternatively, instead of the Hangup applet, you can use the SMS applet and greet your customer via an SMS. To do that, use the SMS applet instead of the Hangup applet in step 4 above:

And we're done! Connect this flow to your Exophone or transfer to it from the Timing applet to have it execute when your customers call in.

Got questions? Reach out to us by calling +91-8088-919-888 or drop an email to hello@exotel.in with your query.