To give you greater control over call experience, Exotel now offers the ability of putting a custom music on hold (MOH) on every flow. This option exists in the connect applet (see below).

The three options that Exotel is offering are :

1. Default MOH - You could choose for your callers to hear the default MOH that Exotel has created. Preview the sample by clicking the play button next to the option. 

2. Custom MOH - You could now also choose for your callers to hear a custom MOH while their call waits to be connected to your agents. Just upload a .mp3 or a .wav file and choose this option.

3. Operator tone - Feel old school? Exotel also gives you the possibility of letting callers hear the operator tone. This comes with a caveat though, we do not recommend this option if you have more than one agent as it could lead to bad customer experience! This is only available when you are dialing in to a phone number/url. In case of dialing in to a group, this option is not available.


  • When using the Custom MOH option, ensure your sound file is .mp3 or .wav.
  • Only use the operator tone for seamless experience, IF you are connecting the call to one agent/phone number. Using it with multiple agents could lead to bad user experience in case one of your agents' phone is not reachable/busy due to operator issues.