A short video:

All Exotel accounts come with a basic app called Zero App that can be used to set up a simple IVR greeting.

For example, your greeting can say - Thank you for calling xyz company. Someone will attend your call shortly.

1. Click on App Bazaar in the left panel and then on Available Apps

2. Scroll down to the Zero app and click on Try for Free

3. a)Choose a name for the call flow.

    b)Set up your IVR greeting by uploading an audio file or recording your own greeting via a mobile phone. You can also request a professional recording by a voice-over artist via Exotel.

    c)choose a group to send an Email to.

    d)Choose a group to send the voice if nobody answer's the call and then click on Install.

4. Now, you can either buy a new Exophone for this flow or assign this flow to an existing Exophone

You can click here which will redirect to the article on how to purchase an ExoPhone number.

Now, you're all set