So, Exotel sends emails to the registered, individual, or group email addresses at various instances – to name a few – Missed calls, Completed calls, and Voicemails. And at some point, the emails would not reach the specified email address as selected. 


The reasons why you may not be receiving the emails – 

  • Wrong group email addresses
  • Your personal email address is not a part of the group email address that has been mentioned
  • There are some filters applied to your email account that are either blocking the emails from or any similar addresses as set by the System Admin in your organization
  • Emails might be getting sent to spam


Steps to check for the above reasons (Prior requisite – you need to have admin privileges) 


  1. Go to the Co-workers and Groups page; on the right-hand panel, you will find the groups. Click on the “Gear” icon for the appropriate group name.

    Check the email address on the pop-up screen.
  2. Please note that you can also add multiple email IDs to receive the mail.
  3. Contact your team admin if your personal email address is not a part of the group email address you found in step 1


If you’re still not receiving Exotel emails, please send us an email to from your registered email address stating the issue, with an example of the call for which you think the email was not sent, and, we will definitely have a look and try to resolve the same.

To know how long it would take us to resolve your query – please click here.

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