How calls work at Exotel 

A - Your customer calls on your customer-facing number which is on the website


B - Call diverted from your customer-facing to the ExoPhone number.


Reasons why call could fail in case 'A’ & ‘B’


Your callers listen to 'not reachable'/'switched off' when they call your customer-facing number:

  • You might have missed paying your bills (for your customer-facing number).
  • Divert from customer-facing to Exotel's ExoPhone number might have been re-set incorrectly or the operator might have canceled the diverts.


The caller may not be able to hear the IVR, and instead hears an engaged tone:

  • This means all channels of the PRI are occupied, and no new inbound calls can be handled. So far we haven’t faced such instances more than twice. Generally, we advise our high call volume customers to let us know in advance if they have planned any campaign to avoid these kinds of situations.

If in case this happens, we provide additional physical numbers to the account.


C – An IVR menu option for incoming callers. For example: “Dial 1 for support, Dial 2 for Sales, Dial 3 for feedback.”


D - Passthru Applet that captures call details.


Reasons why call could fail in case ‘C’& ‘D’

  • The right group would have been assigned to receive calls (i.e.: the group would have been deleted/or the name of the group would have been edited)
  • If your call flow has a URL or a passthru applet in it, would not be functioning as expected.
  •  A passthru applet fails because there could be a loss of connection between our server and your CRM/application, if something is broken at our end then we try to fix it as fast as possible.


E - Exotel sends the call data to your CRM/application for processing.


F - CRM replies back with numbers of the agents to be called/dialed 


Reasons why call could fail in case ‘E’& ‘F’

  • Your CRM/our server application would not be functioning as expected.


G - Exotel connects to the agent number 

Reasons why call could fail in case ‘G’

  • ·At times you will be seeing missed calls on your Exotel dashboard, despite your agent’s phone being free to receive calls, this is because the Agent's mobile is unreachable. We get a busy/unreachable signal when we dial out the agent's mobile from Exotel's PRI.


H - Call is connected to an agent and is simultaneously recorded & call data sent back to CRM.

What happens if our lines are down?


The reliability of our service is the topmost priority at Exotel. And telephony infrastructure in India is unreliable, to say the least. Most probably, as you are reading this, someone somewhere while digging up some road has accidentally cuts a telephone cable.


To achieve high reliability despite an unreliable telephony backbone, we have built technology that does some smart work. However, one of the things that we realized time and again was that no amount of cool technology is enough on its own. When things actually go down, proper communication with the customers is essential. When we say “proper” communication, it has to be:

Transparent: we don’t hide anything from the customer. More the information, the better.

Timely: There is no point in sending an email 4 hours after a downtime, is there?


So far, whenever there was an unexpected downtime, we send out emails to our affected customers.

Any existing or potential customer, can take a look and get a sense of how reliable Exotel lines are - – one place where you, our customer (and anyone else) can view the health of different Exotel services. Live! And you can also view historical data on service health.

If you would not be able to wait until the lines are back? 


Not all our lines would be down in a given circle, reach out to us for an alternate divert. If we have any PRI which is not affected by the downtime, we will definitely be able to accommodate you at your request. 

Support contact details: