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Normally when your callers call your number and are waiting to be connected to your co-workers, they hear on-hold music like this...

Default MOH

If you instead want to play a recorded brand message or any other promotional offer along with different background music, you need to install the "Speak Your Brand" App.

How does it work?

1) First you need to enter the text you want your callers to hear when they are waiting to be connected. We suggest you start off with a "Thanks for calling, we will be with you shortly" and then talk about your promotional offer or other info you want to convey. We will get this message recorded by a professional voice-over artist.

2) then choose background music to be played for the message (above). We have a choice of 5 BGMs. If you insist, you can also provide us with any music of your choice (outside of the 5 options) and email it to We will use that as the bgm for the message.

3) We will take up to 2 working days to record and upload the music to your App. Once the app is ready you will receive an update via email.

When does the music get played?

This music is played to the caller...

1) Whenever we try to connect the caller to your agent

2) When the caller is waiting in the queue if all your agents are busy


This music is not played in the following scenarios -

1) If you are using an app-builder and when there is no greeting or menu applet before your connect applet. In this case, the caller will hear just tring...tring.

2) If you have already set up custom queuing music as part of your connect applet. In this case, your specific queuing music will take precedence over this music.

You can customize the music on hold from within your call flow by using the Custom Queue music from the connect applet as shown below