To protect you from the TRAI 13th amendment, we request you to never publish an ExoPhone on any of your collateral, including, but not limited to the following -

  • Website
  • Google AdWords
  • Visiting cards
  • Fliers
  • Any offline material
  • SMS blasts

All the numbers that you use on any of these media should belong to you. You can do this by - 
  • Buying a Vodafone mobile number which meets the requirements mentioned in this support article from any Vodafone store.
  • Put the SIM in your mobile phone, and set call forwarding to the ExoPhone number in your account and that's it!
  • Please ensure that you make an outbound call from the purchased mobile number at least once every 15 days(You need to use the SIM in a phone and place one call). This is a mandatory requirement from Vodafone and non-compliance will result in barring the number.

Have further queries, please reach out to us at or 08088-919-888, we are available 24/7 :)