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Yes, you can!

Call attempts are those calls that have been disconnected by the caller before reaching out to a co-worker or a group. 

Until now, you/your co-workers would have received email alerts for missed calls (calls that reached your co-worker's phones) but there would have been no email notification for a call attempt (when the caller cuts the call even before we connect the call to your co-worker).

Note: Only the admins of the accounts will have access to the notification email for call attempts

This FAQ explains illustratively what call-attempts and missed-calls mean.

From now on, you can get email notifications for call attempts as well

Here's what you need to do:
1) Enable the 'call attempt notification email' field in

Like this-

Once you have set this up you will start receiving email notifications for call attempts on any Exophone in your Exotel account. Here's a sample email:


Call Attempt from <caller-name> (<caller-number>) on <app-name>

Sample Body:

The number 08088919888 (Exotel Support) received a call from 0987654321 at Fri, 01 Oct 2021 12:59:34


I want to receive call attempt notifications only for certain Exophones or Apps. How can I do it?

Right now we don't have a way to send notifications only for selcted Exophones. But, you can setup an email filter in your account and filter for an app name (in the subject) or for the Exophone (in the body).

If you are using Gmail and need help in setting up the filters, this article will be helpful.