In order to get group/agent wise reports :-

Step 1:


1. Please login to your Exotel account

2. On the left side bottom of the page, you will notice reports tab

3. Please click reports tab

4. Generate the report by choosing the options either “Call/SMS” depending upon your necessity for the required day that you would like to view the report

5. The report is generated as a CSV file

6. Open the CSV file

7. In headers you will fill find the below options


§ Id
§ Direction
§ Type
§ ExotelNumber
§ From
§ FromName
§ To
§ ToName
§ Status
§ StartTime
§ EndTime
§ BillableDuration
§ Price
§ RecordingUrl
§ PriceDetails
§ GroupName
§ FromCircle
§ ToCircle

Step 2:


1. You can now Select the data by performing “Ctrl A” and choose insert on top of the CSV / Excel sheet,

2. Select Pivot table and click “ok”


3. You will now be redirected to pivot table page “new sheet” and the above headers are populated in the pivot table fields, depending upon the necessity you can design & view the report


4. Ex: In this case you would like to view reports for sales & Customer Support option – (The groups you have created in co-workers & groups)


5. Therefore return to the CSV/Excel, in the pivot table sheet, please select “Group name” from Pivot table fields and drag drop that in “Rows” & “Columns”


6. You will now the report in the below style


7. The above report indicates that Sales has received 703 calls and Support has received 5138 calls


8. Similarly if you would like to further refine the report on agent based, please select “ToName” from Pivot table fields and drag drop that in “filters”. Thereby you can view         the below report