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The Oak Tree is a simple IVR app that lets you set up up to 4 extensions for your teams. Your callers are greeted with a welcome message and routed to the right team based on their IVR option. This is how it looks in the App Bazaar:

This app helps you set up a single number for your entire company while providing a simple one-step menu for your callers. There are four options to decide on in this app.

As always, Choose a name for this app. 


Type or get an audio recorded that informs the user of the options available in the menu. A typical prompt would be something like this: "Thank you for calling so and so company. Press 1 for this or 2 for that...". This is a mandatory option as without telling the menu options - your caller will not know which option to choose.

Route & Mail

As shown in the box above, every option has two configuration options possible. The group to send the call to and an email address to send an email with the details of the call to. By selecting a group, you will enable that IVR option. Also, you can change the number to be pressed to whatever you want. It doesn't have to be 1 for this, 2 for this, etc. You can also have an option for 122 and 498 too! Leave the mail option empty if you would like not to receive an email. 


In case all your agents are busy, the caller is informed "All agents are busy. Please call again later. Thank you." and the call is hung up.


You will need to fill at least 2 "Route & Mail" combinations. Greeting is mandatory.

Default Values

Tring Tring time on one agent before ringing the next available agent: 15 seconds

Sticky Agent is: On

Calls are distributed to everyone in the group (randomly & not round-robin)

You will receive an email from (add this to your address book)

If all agents are busy, Caller hears "All agents are busy. Please call again later. Thank you."

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