Use the email applet to send yourself or a group an email about the incoming call or SMS. It looks like this:

There are two options to ponder here:

  1. Which group to send an email to. For example - Use the Email applet after every Voicemail applet so that the group to which the voicemail gets taken for can also get intimated about the same.
  2. If you would like to put some custom message in the email, Use the "Custom Message" text box. For example - You could now put a text there like "Support voicemail" and create a filter in your mail client to selectively send this message to someone else.

Please note that the email shall be triggered to the email ID of the group as shown below and not to the individual email IDs of the members in the group. So ensure you add the email ID under the group name.


If there are multiple email IDs, you can add them comma-separated.

A short video:

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