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We have made this easy for you. You have the option to relay a piece of certain information, record the voice messages of your customers/clients when they try reaching your team during non-business hours or holidays. You would need to integrate a Timing, Voicemail, or a Greeting applet depending on your requirement. You can integrate this feature with your existing flow and you do not have to build a new one just to attend to the calls that you receive after business hours, or on holidays.

Option 1: Voicemail

You are going to now create an easy Call flow that will wish your customers and then take a voicemail. 

Step 1: Create a new call Flow and name it, perhaps, "Company Closed/Non-Business hours":


Step 2: Drag & Drop the Voicemail applet & type out a relevant message to keep your customer informed. All the voicemail will be available in the inbox and the agents part of the group which was selected in the Voicemail will be notified about the recordings. 


Option 2: Using Happy Hours App

Please be advised that this is a chargeable feature. You can try using our Timing applet for which you will not be charged and it is very similar to this paid application. 


Unselect the day when you are closed. All the way down in the option that says "If the person calls during closed hours...", change the recording to inform him that you are closed because of a holiday. Please do remember to set up a reminder in your calendar to change the recording as soon as your business starts operational after the holiday. 



Option 3: Inform & Hangup

If you just want to inform the user about your company closure, then use the "Greeting" applet followed by a "Hangup". Additionally, consider sending him an SMS with the date & time when your company will be open next so that he can call. 


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