Voicemail applet, as the name suggests, takes a voicemail(A digitally recorded message when the caller is unable to reach the callee). All the recordings will be made available in the inbox of the particular group which was selected in the ‘Take Voicemail’ section at the time of configuring this applet. 


  • You can upload a message or use our type to text feature to prompt the callee to leave a message and provide him information about the finish key to end the recording. 

  • Voicemail will always play a beep before getting into its job of recording. 

  • Finishes by default on "#" key. That is the user has to press "#" for the recording to be completed, once done then the flow moves on to the next applet, if any. You also have the option to change the default key. 

  • The maximum length of voicemail recording is 1 hour. Currently, there is no way to increase this. Of course, we haven't yet encountered anyone who has spoken to a call recorder for a full hour!

  • If there is silence for 5 seconds, Voicemail will wrap up and move on. So, if there is a recording exactly equal to 5 seconds, then it is likely that it is completely silent. If you are the one responsible for listening to all the voicemails & returning customer calls, you could choose to ignore listening to this one. 

  • And similarly, if the recording is less than 5 seconds, it is likely to be of no use as well.