Voicemail applet, as the name suggests, takes a voicemail. Depending on what you choose in the "Take voicemail for" option, it will show up in the inbox of that user or to all users in that group. 


  • Finishes by default on "#" key. That is, if the user presses "#", then the flow moves on to the next applet, if any. 
  • The maximum length of voicemail recording is 1 hour. Currently, there is no way to increase this. Of course, we haven't yet encountered anyone who has spoken to a call recorder for a full hour!
  • Voicemail will always play a beep before getting into it's job of recording
  • If for 5 seconds there is silence, Voicemail will wrap up and move on. So, if there is a recording exactly equal to 5 seconds, then it is likely that it is completely silence. If you are the one responsible for listening to all the voicemails & returning customer calls, you could choose to ignore listening to this one. 
  • And similarly, if the recording is less than 5 seconds, it is likely to be dummy/silence too.